8 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Pass Measure M


  1. Commit to voting YES on M!
  2. Endorse Measure M. Let us use your name publicly as a Measure M supporter.
  3. Make a financial contribution. Any amount—large or small—will help educate over 3,500 voters who are eligible to vote in November.   Financial resources will help us get our message out to voters who vote.  
  4. Help educate voters on the many reasons to vote for Measure M. Participate in our remote phone banks in September, October and November for 1 night a week or more until Election Day.
  5. Help us gather YES on Measure M endorsements. The more who endorse Measure M, the better.  Join our endorsement gathering effort. 
  6. Write a Letter to the Editor. The more voters who see YES on M letters in print and online media, the better.  Write a letter stating why YOU will be voting YES on Measure M.
  7. Spread the YES on Measure M message in your circles on social media—ask your online friends to join you in VOTING YES on Measure M.
  8. Most importantly, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! And VOTE YES on Measure M!